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March 29, 2020

Downtown Provo Branding + Retreat Photography


Shooting Fresh Brand Portraits for Boss Babe Tara Kirby

I had the immense pleasure of shooting and attending Tara Kirby’s Build Your Dream workshop last month which she hosted with Kelsi Nevin (social media maven and IG story genius.) It was a day FULL of identifying what’s holding you back and how you can push past it and SERVE in your business.

There are a lot of business coaches out in the social media world but I don’t know anyone as honest and vulnerable and REAL as Tara. She not only is incredibly generous with her knowledge and expertise but she walks the walk with you.

Running a business (and being a human) can be such a minefield of self-esteem issues, money issues, value issues, on and on. If you want to unlock your potential and make money you need to be following Tara and working with her. She is tactical and woo-woo. Which is what we all need, truly.

Before her workshop, Tara and I took a stroll around downtown Provo and created some new branding and social media images for her.

Here are a few of my favorites from our adventure!


Session Type:


Considerations + Strategy:

Tara Kirby, MTB Biz and BBNation

Business branding

Spring 2020

Images to be used on social media (both in feed and in Instagram stories) as well as on the updated website and in email marketing. Need to be warm, fun and have a retro feel.

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