I help awesome women like you bring their businesses to life with fun, strategic brand photography!

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oh, hey! i'm lauren!

so happy to have you here! some things you should know right off the bat...

I'm a brand photographer for dope women like you. I create images that help your business look legit and help your customers connect with you, your services, and your products. It's part content photography, part headshots, all brand, baby.

I'm very passionate that a rising tide raises all boats and I want to see all the lady business captains riding high!

Your images should reflect YOU and also strategically align with what your customers are looking for - I help you figure out what that looks like!




brand photography is my jam.

I love helping women market their businesses with excitement and confidence! Seeing women feeling confident and empowered brings me so much joy - so I turned it into a business!

From my years in Girl Scouts, being part of a competitive dance team, and yes, being in a sorority, I've seen the amazing connection, joy, love, and fun that can be created when women come together and support each other. 

Women are amazing. Period. I want to help you harness your amazingness and show it off to the world so you can make a greater impact. Empowered women empower women and I'm ready to empower you!

together we're going to make marketing your business easy and fun!

I create brand and content photography for dope women looking to grow their business and community. 

sound like you?


My Word of the Year


astrological sign



west wing

tv show on repeat

diet coke

What I Can't Live Without

all of them

Favorite Color

A bit more about me...

I believe that you and your business are worthy of success. That there are people out there waiting to find you so you can help them!


I believe that all people, no matter their race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, or birthplace should be given equal opportunities and respect. Some don't receive that, so we need to fix things. 


I believe that what we focus on expands and we have immense power to bring about positive changes to our lives and others. I want to use that power to help others live awesome lives!


what I'm about

I'm super excited (genuinely) to hear about your business, brand, and what you're hoping to achieve! I want to help you get where you're going and make marketing your business easier with dope, strategic brand photography!

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