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March 31, 2020

3 Things to Fix on Your Website (Before Lunch)


Your website is the virtual home for your business – so would you let your house fall into disrepair and let it be a hotness express?

Well, maybe. Sometimes…

But eventually, it’s time to clean! And this post is your signal that it’s time to clean. Your website should ALWAYS be an up-to-date reflection of your services, work, and brand. It’s a marketing channel that you 100% own and it can and should be a place of pride for you. 

If you get embarrassed to send potential clients to your website or you say, “you know what…why don’t you just look at my Instagram…” then these tips are for you. And even if you feel your website is totally 100% and awesome, it’s a good checklist for your website to triple check it’s doing what you want it to do. 

1. What you do, who you do it for

and where you do it.

Does your homepage say what service/products you sell, who your ideal client is and where you’re located? If not, it needs to. All above the fold. You have only a few seconds to get the attention of a potential client when they land on your site. If they don’t immediately know that you’ll be able to help them they are likely to go back to Google and find another provider.

ACTION: Update your homepage, especially above the fold, with an accurate, descriptive tagline.

2. Calls-to-Action

Do you have a call-to-action on every page of your website? Do you help clients along through the discovery and buying process? It’s our job as the business to help those that find us to know where to go to get the next piece of information they’ll need. 

Here’s an example of a simple flow for a service provider:

Homepage > About you > Examples of work > Details on services (including pricing) > Contact Page

Yours may very well look different but it’s up to you to map where you want a client to go and what information they need to be given to choose to hire you. 

ACTION: Review web pages for opportunities. For each page ask yourself, “what should be next?” If you already have that information on your site, link to it. If you don’t, start writing!

3. Check. Every. Link.

That’s it. Go through every single page and click every link. You’d be shocked how many small businesses have non-functioning links throughout their sites. You don’t want to lose a client who simply can’t access the pages they are looking for or maybe think you’re unprofessional due to having broken links on your site.

ACTION: Check every link on you site and fix any broken links.

BONUS ACTION: Do a website critique trade with a fellow business owner. You’d be amazed at the feedback you can get from someone who’s removed from your business. You also may each get ideas on updates you can make on your sites based on features the other utilizes.

BONUS BONUS ACTION: If you don’t have an email opt-int on your site, add one in your footer (at least) Get that list started, get going! I use Flodesk for my emails and it’s SO EASY. And clean. And simple. Highly recommend! And if you use my code ‘PHOENIX’ you get 50% off! WOO!  Here’s my affiliate link with the code:

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