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December 31, 2019

The Be Peachie Story

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Commercial and Branding Photography for Joyful Women

My first official photo session was in 2013 for a friend and sorority sister who was building her real estate business and needed a new headshot. She knew I had a “fancy camera” and asked if I could take some for her – and it was truly a delight.

6 years and hundreds of shoots later I look back on that session and think how much it set the stage for what my business has evolved in to.

Fun Female Portraits

I love being in a club. The Camaraderie and social activities and fun and goal-oriented good times! The first lady-powered club I was in was Girl Scouts. A focus on self-development, serving your community and female friendship? Yes! ALL MY FAVORITE THINGS! It’s how I made all my friends and laid the foundation for who I’d grow to be. I also was on a competitive dance team and was a proud member of Alpha Delta Pi, the first-ever sorority (look it up, b!) I love having lady friends and wearing matching shirts – what can I say?

Each of these experiences and each woman I met lead me to the path I’m on and helped create the passion I have for building women up. They built me. They supported me. They helped me feel capable and strong. And I want to pay it all back and then some.

My business didn’t happen overnight. It came out of 6 years of owning a photography business and taking on every kind of photography job. Headshot. Wedding. Newborn. Product. Commercial. Family. Senior. Branding. Boudoir. Architecture. Lifestyle. Studio. I’ve assisted other photographers. I’ve watched countless videos. Read everything. I said yes to it all hoping to become the best photographer I can be and hoping to build a strong business too.

And 5 years later, I found it. The answer to the question I didn’t know I was asking, “what should I really be doing?”

I was spreading myself out across a plateau. No way to reach a higher point. Trying everything and working on it all meant small improvements across the board but not overwhelming success at any. Until the summer of 2018, I was watching a friend brainstorm ideas for rebranding her company. You see, up until that summer I had housed all my photography work across all the above genres under my Lunabear Studios brand. It had been a happy home for my growing portfolio and it allowed me to take my photography from hobby to career while serving many different clients. But it started feeling claustrophobic. Which feels insane since I was doing EVERYTHING – how could I feel trapped? Because I knew that I didn’t want to be doing everything. Not anymore.

While my friend was dreaming up the next phase of her empire, I did the same but it took a while for it to come into being and take shape. 

Be Peachie

Be Peachie is the result of my drive to make women laugh, smile, feel joy and ultimately be empowered to take on whatever they set their minds on. To be able to have confidence in themselves, what they do and share their awesomeness with the world.  I’ve spent my life surrounding myself with amazing women, it’s only logical that I would build a strong community of women!

I’ve joked that I’m a photographer/hype girl but it’s not really a joke. It in my DNA. I love to woo and yasssss and clap. Truly three of my top favorite activities. Our sessions aren’t just ‘snap, snap, snap, okay cool bye.‘ It’s an experience that involves setting goals and dreams, envisioning what you want to do and helping you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera.

When you feel good, you look good. 

The Be Peachie story is just beginning and we’ve already helped dozens of women take ownership of their stories and their businesses and set themselves up for awesome success. 

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