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September 9, 2019

Opal Skin + Wax Lifestyle Commercial Session in Arcadia


The products you put on your skin matter. Using better products and focusing on better, higher-quality ingredients will make a difference. If that sounds overwhelming or intimidating, you need to go see Bridget at Opal Skin + Wax.

The products and services that Bridget provides nourish and treat the skin and make your skin life, honestly, just better. But I’m no expert, I’m simply speaking from experience.

Bridget is truly an angel on earth. If you have skin problems or want to prevent skin problems, you have to take better care of your skin! Outside of being my client, Bridget has helped me massively improve my skin. My breakouts have decreased and it’s helped me feel so much more confident not wearing makeup.

Also, outside of being a skin whisperer, the time and experience of receiving a facial at Opal Skin are like a mini-vacation. From the relaxing environment to the lovely company (hello, I love a Bridget chat!) If you’re looking to enjoy a spa experience and fall in love with caring for your skin, go see Bridget. ASAP. And tell her I sent you because you know I love giving referrals, so I want credit! PS you can book online, super easy. Okay, am I sounding like a salesperson? It’s because I genuinely believe that everyone needs Bridget in their life.

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