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November 28, 2020

Georgia Peach Project with Standard Wax and Loud Snaps Creative


I had the awesome opportunity to collaborate on a pack of amazing candles being made by Standard Wax, featuring artwork by Loud Snaps Creative and raising money for The New Georgia Project. 

The New Georgia Project is a nonpartisan organization that helps register voters in Georgia and makes sure voices of all ages and backgrounds are heard in our democracy BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT DEMOCRACY SHOULD BE.

Brighter days ahead.

Shop the candles here.

Thanks for supporting a collaborative effort between three rad lady-owned businesses:

Standard Wax:

Loud Snaps Creative:

Be Peachie:

Sharing some photos of our project, and some personal thoughts on the project below that.

I always avoided talking about politics because you know what they say “don’t talk about religion and politics.” Oh! Also, I avoided talking about religion.

But then this crazy thing happened in 2016, the country elected a racist, xenophobic, terrible, incredible narcissistic asshat to the position of President of the United States! And it felt impossible to ignore the impacts of politics on the lives of others, even if not myself.

I’ll be honest, as a white business owner my “life” was pretty much unaffected. That’s the sad truth. It could be easy for me to say, “he’s not that bad” if my main goal is self-preservation (but not even because, hello – women’s rights are not a priority for 45) BUT I DIGRESS!

I’ve spent the last four years trying to approach the world, especially how I vote, how I spend money, and how I run my business, with an eye to the effects it has on OTHERS. Did you know you can do this? You can consider the impact of your actions for what it will do to others – and I HIGHLY recommend it. People that don’t look like you. People that don’t worship like you. People that don’t live in the same environment that you do. People that didn’t grow up like you did. Did you know their needs and experiences are different than yours? Also, that doesn’t invalidate your experiences – it just adds to your knowledge of the complexities of the needs of the many.

If you take time to analyze your opinions, the systems you take part in, and the world around you – you may find you make decisions in a pretty selfish way (i.e. only voting based on taxes going up/down) and that’s okay. We’re programmed to be selfish.

But you can choose a new course. 

I want to choose a new course. I want to use the platform I have to advocate for what I feel is important and needed to better the lives of the many, not just the few. I think that means we’ll need to talk about politics. 

Maybe you don’t know this about me but I FOR YEARS dreamed of being President. It was my true aspiration – go to college, law school, become a senator, become the President. My dreams have changed over the years but my goal remains the same – make as big an impact as possible. Make as many positive changes for others that I can. Stand up and fight for better. 

Which brings us to our project.

Watching the results rolling in during the 2020 election was a true anxiety-filled shitstorm. But one bright light showed through- the labor of Stacey Abrams in Georgia had worked. She turned her loss in the gubernatorial election into activism to fight for voters’ rights in her state. 

And wouldn’t you know – Georgia turned blue, y’all!

The election season isn’t quite over though and this is where we can all contribute, even living outside of Georgia!

If you are able, it would be an honor if you’d purchase this pack of candles and help us raise money or if you’d like, make a donation directly to The New Georgia Project. Let’s help more people understand their power and strengthen our democracy – every vote counts! 

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