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January 6, 2020

Celebrating a Year of Joy

Personal Portraits

Personal Portrait Session with Malori of Form Floral

How do you celebrate milestones? How do you mark the end of a season? Malori, the floral and business maven behind Form Floral has allowed me to be a part of her end of year celebration for the past three years.

Sometimes it’s a relief. Sometimes it’s a party. Sometimes it’s a pause. But it’s always an inspiration to me. Just like Malori.

This year Malori chose to make her 2019 the year of JOY and to culminate the year-long joy journey, she wanted a shoot that reflected how she felt. She chose to create custom disco ball installations in the studio and bought the most fabulous sequin dress. She looked like joy! I don’t know if I’ve ever been more excited while a client unpacked in the studio.

As always, the portraits weren’t about the accessories or the wardrobe though. Those were in place to support the vision and the emotion. JOY. This shoot was about the peace, love and joy that Malori cultivated this year. For herself and her people.

It’s always an immense pleasure getting to work with Malori and this shoot was no different. Excited to share some of my favorites from her end of year shoot.

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